Marc L. Mosier, MD

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Chief Medical Officer, Pri-Med, Boston, MA

Dr. Mosier joined Pri-Med in 2007 to find new ways in which to help translate evidence-based knowledge into clinical practice so as to improve patient health outcomes. Dr. Mosier serves as Chief Medical Officer for Pri-Med/Amazing Charts, a leading global medical education and EHR company offering innovative continuing medical education, data analytics and clinical services for physicians. He has over 25 years of extensive experience in both Medicine & Surgery, both as a practicing clinician and leading contributor to important research/development and business efforts in such areas as, Drug Development, Clinical Medicine, Orthopedic & Trauma Surgery, Biologics and Medical Education. Having also served as VP of Clinical Research within industry, he has successfully established clinical solutions and medical innovations for the pharmaceutical-biotech and medical device industry through the development of strategic initiatives and pivotal clinical studies. His leadership of cross-functional teams of clinicians and scientists have effectively delivered medical, surgical, scientific & clinical expertise that has successfully supported business development, strategic planning, clinical affairs, technical training, and patient risk assessment. He brings a sincere passion for science, medical education and the development of important initiatives to improve patient care. Current interests reside in establishing innovative medical education platforms which utilize medical informatics and clinical data to better define gaps in care so as to help facilitate the translation of evidence-based knowledge into clinical practice and improve patient clinical outcomes.