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Opioid Abuse

Discuss best practices to tackle opioid abuse and other pharmacological abuse in your practice. Learn about the latest guidelines and recommendations on screening, responsible prescription and disposal of opioids.


Charles Argoff, MD, director of the Comprehensive Pain Center at Albany Medical Center, reviews strategies for mitigating risk for opioid misuse and abuse in patients taking opioids for chronic pain management. Dr. Argoff uses case studies to illustrate how to incorporate risk assessment tools into comprehensive screening for patients in chronic pain before you prescribe opioids, so you can better protect yourself and your patients.

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This program enables the practitioner to use a simple questionnaire for screening at risk patients for alcohol addiction as well customize treatment for opioid addiction.


This presentation will provide an overview of existing trends in addictive disorders with an emphasis on screening, brief interventions and referrals to treatment (SBIRT) practices that every primary care provider should practice. A review of FDA-approved medications and evidence-based psychosocial practices will be presented. Finally, special emphasis will be placed on describing office-based tools that can be used to identify and prevent prescription opiate abuse.